0401 348 213 Counselling in Mundaring & Parkerville, Perth Hills WA

Run Free Counselling and Group Work:
Supporting families & individuals with open,
nurturing and respectful therapy.

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Practising from Mundaring and Parkerville WA:


Counselling in Possums room on Saturday afternoons
16 Craig Street
Mundaring WA, 6073


Counselling on Fridays (and other weekdays, as needed)
Private Residence
Parkerville WA, 6081


Joyce De Haas
Phone: 0401 348 213
Email: joyce.dh@artlover.com
Click here to contact me online

Various group work sessions are also run throughout the Perth metropolitan area. Find out more »


Joyce de Haas

Joyce de Haas – Run Free Counselling & Group Work


My name is Joyce and I have been a counselling and group therapist for over 18 years. I have a vast range of experience, having worked for several well known agencies in Perth (including The Richmond Fellowship, Holyoake and Relationships Australia) over the years, as well as through my own practice work. My qualifications include a Bachelor Degree in Psychology from UWA and a Masters of Counselling from Curtin University. I have also attended a vast range of other courses, which included Inner Child, Art Therapy, and Sandtray work, and regularly attend trainings and workshops to keep me up to date and excited in my practice. I also volunteer at Inner Child Healing weeks and weekends with the Heal for Life Foundation.

In addition to talking, I can also use several modalities in my therapy work. I would discuss with you if I feel any would suit the circumstances, and please let me know if you prefer any yourself. Please see and click below to find out more about my techniques.

Therapy Services

  • Individual Counselling

    I like to use variety, playfulness and humour in my approaches, as well as having a very strong belief in non judgemental acceptance, respect for all, and a strong belief in the inner strengths and wisdoms we all have (especially my clients).

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  • Group Work

    Various groups are run throughout the metropolitan area. Being in a group allows people to receive the support and encouragement of the other members of the group. People participating are able to see that there are others going through the same thing, which can help them feel less alone.

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  • Parents and Children

    I offer both normal counselling and Theraplay sessions, which specifically aim to improve the relationship between a young child and his/her caregiver (usually ages 4-7).

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  • Emotionally Focussed Couples Work

    Come and free up your relationship and find new ways to respond to each other. This work can help couples understand, expand and re-organise how they respond to each other in times of high emotion and can help them stop getting caught in those unhelpful, often repeated, conflict cycles.

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  • Using Creative Processes

    Using Art materials to allow clients to explore their issues (There is no need to be Artistic at all). Often drawing or colouring something in can give you a fresh perspective on the issue. And sometimes it helps to just look at it from another viewpoint.

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  • Symbol & Sand Tray Work

    Playfully and intuitively choosing objects only or to place, arrange and re-arrange in a tray of sand, can allow your subconscious to show you what it already knows. The answers you find can really take you by surprise!

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  • Laughter Yoga

    Laughter Yoga is a unique exercise routine. It by-passes the intellect (which usually acts as a brake on natural laughter). A great way to allow our inner child to come out and play.

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  • Remote Counselling

    I also offer phone, email and Skype counselling and support, however I reserve the right to let you know if I feel this would be suitable and to your advantage.

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