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Exploring Aspects of Inner Child

Held once a month (last Sunday of the month). Come to the first session and then continue as you are able. 

Starting Sunday February 28th. 4.30-6.30pm. $30 a session.

Inner Child Work, So what is it all about?

By Joyce de Haas

Our Inner Child part is that part that often feels childlike and causes us to behave in childlike or childish ways (pleasantly or unpleasantly). It is often more emotionally reactive because it responds from feelings, unlike our adult part which is more likely to think and respond logically. It’s our soft, more vulnerable part, which if treated well and feeling safe, is the part where joy and fun come from. But most of us have had to hide that part away, to some extend, in order to survive a world where adults (eg. parents, teachers, older kids, and society around us) often do not meet our needs sufficiently, may criticise us, put us down or even physically and/or emotionally abuse us. The world can be an unsafe place for the sensitive part of us. And for some people, more than for others.

For those who have suffered abuse or more damaging events in childhood, this may apply: “When our Inner Child is blocked, we are robbed of our natural spontaneity and zest for life. Over time this can lead to low energy, depression or even chronic or serious illness” Lucia Capacchione, Recovery of Your Inner Child p17.

What we all need is for our vulnerable, soft parts to be treated with love, respect, nurturing and gentle care. Many of us look for this from others and then get up-set or hurt when we do not receive it. We look at our partners, friends, children, bosses, work mates, etc, etc to give us what we need. But often they can not; as they have their own unmet needs and are only non perfect humans (as we all are). Relationship breakdowns can even occur when we are not aware our Inner Child is feeling their need is not being met. The only person, who can always be available to us, is our adult self. We can meet our own needs, if we only know how. That’s why this Inner Child stuff is so powerful. It gives us a tool to give ourselves what we need in our deepest parts!!

But first it’s good to meet this part of you and find out what he or she needs or wants to ask of you. To meet all parts of this child self, including the vulnerable part, the playful part, the angry part. This is what we will do in group. In fun and playful ways. Using creativity and art materials to help you connect to that part of yourself. And learn how to give yourself what you need, so that then you can communicate to others in your life from the adult instead of the hurt child.

I also offer this work in 1-1 sessions if preferred, or you want to try it out first. Or, if you can’t make the 1st introductory session. Feel free to contact me to find out more.