Counselling and Supervision Reflections. Similarities.

As I was reflecting on the differences between providing Counselling to my clients and Supervision to
other counsellors and people in the helping professions, I realised that there is also much the same.
Or at least that the intent can be very similar.

People usually come for counselling because some issue has come up. In the counselling room a safe
space is then provided for exploration, for viewing the issue from different angles and perspectives
and for looking at possible options re addressing the issue. Sometimes it even leads to realising that
it’s not actually something that needs to change or that you’re actually already doing ok with it. In
the process many other things also can happen. There is often a general stocktake on life and how
we approach it in general. We become more aware of underlying programs (often ways of thinking
that we have learned in childhood-but not necessarily correct or helpful) that we have never realised
about before. The issue brings people to counselling, but often a lot more is received/achieved than
just addressing that particular issue. For most of us humans, unless we take time to reflect, its easy
just to keep getting into old patterns of behaving and responding. Until one day it doesn’t work so
well anymore. Through counselling we can start to do a thorough review, get some insight and look
at whether we want to make some changes in our life. Through changing how we think about things
and then how we respond, we actually have an opportunity to find ways to get out of our own way
and become freer. This is where the name of my business gets its name from. To ‘Run Free’ (or at
least a lot freer from the old critical ways) was what I gained from counselling myself and aim to
offer to my clients.

In regard to Supervision. Counsellors come to talk about the counselling work they do. A safe space
is also provided so they can explore the work they do with clients, also from different angles and
perspectives. This can also lead to realising they are responding to the clients well and nothing needs
to change much and this can boost confidence, as it does for clients. Often it opens up extra
possibilities and ideas and allows them to open to offering clients more. Through Supervision,
counsellors are supported to be able to support their clients better. It’s a very important aspect of
providing support. To be supported yourself and to know how to support yourself. It avoids burn out
too. And sometimes counsellors just come to supervision because they struggle with one particular
client or one specific issue that comes up. And just like in counselling this provides an opening for
many things to be explored and again for counsellors them selves to step out of their own way, so
they are freer to help their clients. So this is the similarity that hit me. Its all about growth, being
open to change and getting out of our own way-so we are freer to lead good lives. And this includes
being freer and more spacious and open in responding to both ourselves and others, whether just in
daily life or in the counselling work space. This actually involves self love and self acceptance. This is
necessary both for clients and counsellors. From my point of view- We can not feel free without

‘Run Free’ as much as you can, everyone!!