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Group Therapy Sessions

by Run Free Counselling

About Group Work

Besides the fact that groups can be lots of fun, being in group often allows people to notice that there are others going through similar things, which can help them feel less alone. It also allows group members to receive encouragement and support from each other.

I am a trained and very experienced group facilitator, having run groups for Women who have experienced Domestic Violence/Abuse of any kind, group for those with Childhood Trauma, Inner Child groups and Art Therapy Groups.

Please contact me to find out what sort of group is currently in the planning or being run.

An Art Therapy group in progress.
Harmony Hall, Mundaring Wellness Centre.

Some Reasons to Use Group Therapy

The key advantages of group work includes:

  • Group work allows people to receive the support and encouragement of the other members of the group.
  • Group members can serve as role models to other members of the group.
  • Group work is very cost effective.
  • Group work offers a safe haven to share.
  • Group work is fun, and a great way to connect and share with others.

Group work in the Swan Valley, Northam, Fremantle, Victoria Park, Toodyay and/or York will commence sometime in the future.

Some of the groups are also run by Toni and Dianne, with whom I share the group practice.

Planned groups include:

  • An introduction to Art Therapy for self discovery and exploration
  • A mother and daughter Art Therapy series of group
  • Ongoing Inner Child and Art Therapy Self Exploration groups
  • Groups addressing Family Abuse and Domestic Violence (for women)

Expressions of Interest

I’m now inviting expressions of interest from country women, to hear if there is anyone interested in an Art Therapy based self exploration and self affirming, workshop series run in Toodyay (or another sort of group). We are open to suggestions or requests and are happy to come your way but need to know if there is any interest.

Upcoming Group Sessions

More information coming soon.