My Focus on Working With Women

Recently I have been completing my Business plan and have attended several business workshops. One of the questions they have left me pondering is-what is my main focus in my business? The answer came to me on many levels-it was “Working with Women”, because this is what I love most and find most satisfying. Not meaning I won’t work with men anymore, but just realising my strength is in working with women. Here is some thoughts about this decision and some of the outcomes:

I found it powerful to hear that: The Dalai Lama, when attending the 2009 Peace Summit once said: “The world will be saved by the Western Woman”. I understand he had previously mentioned, that he believes that collectively women are more naturally compassionate and empathetic than men (of course this is generally-and I know there are also compassionate men) and have that to offer to the world.

I’d personally would like this to come true (and see how possible this is), and want to do my bit to help it along-starting here in Western Australia.

In the same summit, it was also mentioned that girls and women represent the greatest untapped resource of the developing world (and I think the developed world too). There is so much we have to offer.

I am a woman and can relate to many issues women face, plus as a counsellor and group facilitator I have worked mainly with women for 20 years or so and have recently decided to put my focus even more on offering support and personal growth/empowerment/exploration of our Inner Goddess opportunities, for women in Australia. As part of this I am going to attend a Women’s circle and workshop on Accessing, Exploring and Nourishing  our Feminine Energy, in Sydney in January 2017. Watch this space as I will post something about this experience after I get back.

My time of working in the arena of Domestic Violence made me very aware that power and control over women is often still rife in Australian society, as it is throughout the world. I was shocked to read in the paper recently that somewhere in the Middle east it had only just been accepted by scientists/academics, that women actually had souls. So had to be considered above life stock and furniture. To be honest I do not remember the details of the article or exactly where it was talking about-but at first it made me laugh with ridiculousness, and then I realised how sad that is. And I desperately hoped it was not true, (but suspected it was, in some areas of our world).

And Domestic Violence and Family Abuse has recently had a lot of publicity thanks to White Ribbon day in November-showing it still rears it’s ugly head here at home. And by that I do not only mean physical violence. Often its emotional and psychological abuse that women report as most damaging to them and their children. These sort of experiences is still something that concerns me and would like to work with women about.

I’m not anti-men. I’ve been married to a man, and still am, for over 30 years. We have a good relationship,but we’ve had to work on it. I’m actually very much FOR good male-female (and that includes same sex relationships where one of the couple identifies more with a female role) relationships based on equal value and respect but with a recognition that we are different and have different energies, and when working together in harmony (using our differences) can work miracles. Like the Yin  and Yang concept. And I truly believe this is where the difference can be made in the world.

I do think it’s time for the western world to stop portraying Equality for women, as women needing to prove they can do it all, in order to be equal to men. I think its seriously killing women, doing the full time job, plus the taking of the main share of the traditional duties-the mothering, the house keeping plus the exercise and looking after how we look, etc. as we are also told we have to fit in to our day. I see too many exhausted women. It worries me. Plus it also leaves women no time or energy to put into extra things they might like to-like saving our planet from greedy corporations (just one suggestion) or helping other women. No one could do it all for a long period of life. It would exhaust men too, that’s why many do not do it. But they generally have nothing to prove, nor do they have the social conditioning many women carry (as passed on over the generations). I think men often carry their own unhelpful social conditioning-something they also need to address for our world to regain balance.

I’ve worked with women in groups for all of my years as a practitioner. I love that work as I have experienced the power of a group of women coming together, and want to continue doing this. So I am organising some smallish summits (but they may get big!!). Inviting women (and that includes any one that engages more with female energy) to come along and share and explore  their thoughts and needs-and look at possibilities. I’m happy to share all my resources and link women into whatever they want or need-to the best of my ability.

And I want to offer to run some ongoing group sessions for women-offering such options as exploring how our concept of womanhood was shaped, what messages society gives us women, doing some Art Therapy re exploring a woman’s journey, maybe offering some pampering and relaxation opportunities, as self care and self love are very important to women at this stage. One of my big aims is also to develop an online course for women, but this may take a while…….I’ve given myself this year (2017) to achieve this!