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Women Recolouring Change

Victoria Park Centre for the Arts - 2018

A 6 week series of workshops.

This workshop series uses Art Therapy techniques to explore change in the lives of Women. This can be either internal or external change that you’ve already experienced or the possibility for change that you would like to make space for to explore. The six workshops will support you and other women to draw on Inner Resources to understand and work towards positive change.

The techniques are used to explore possibilities in a non-threatening, supportive and enjoyable environment. Creative media (such as paint, pastels, textas, collage, clay, etc) are used to you to access your own inner wisdom, without having to discuss one’s situation at length. There is no need to be an artist or even to have held a pencil to participate.

These groups are fantastic opportunities to explore change in your life. All past participants have loved what they gained including the insights or awareness that came to them through each session. In addition, othershave just enjoyed using creative media for the joy of it without it being judged or evaluated.

Six weekly sessions are facilitated by: Joyce de Haas, Counsellor and Dianne Smith, Art Therapist,

Dates to be announced. Contact me on : if interested in this one or others like it!